How do I invest in the Fund?

Investors can buy the Company’s shares through a stockbroker. The shares are listed on the Australian Securities Exchange under the code ALF. Market information about the fund is reported in a range of major newspapers.

What are the potential benefits of investing in the Fund?

  • Reduction of risk through investment in a diversified portfolio of Australian shares.
  • Professional management of the portfolio by investment professionals with extensive experience in markets.
  • Payment of dividends which are anticipated to be franked, enabling many shareholders to take advantage of franking credits.
  • An opportunity to generate compound growth through the company’s dividend reinvestment plan which allows shareholders to buy shares.
  • Australian Securities Exchange listing of the Company’s shares, providing easy and economic entry to, and exit from, the investment.

 What fees are charged?

  • The fund incurs a management fee of 1% of the Net Asset Value.
  • Additionally a performance fee of 20% is payable on positive performance above the fund’s benchmark, which is the All Ordinaries Accumulation Index.
  • The fund also incurs costs directly related to its operations eg. Share registry costs and ASX listing fees.

 Who are the principals of Watermark Funds Management Pty Ltd?

Justin Braitling has over 20 years experience investing in Australian and International companies. He joined Bankers Trust Australia in 1991 where he worked as a key member of the highly successful investment team that was consistently ranked in the top quartile of managers by independent investment consultant; InTech. For more details on the Watermark team, click here

 How often are dividends paid?

Twice yearly generally during April/May and Oct/Nov.

Do management invest in the fund?

Yes, each of the managers has invested their own money in the fund.

What are the risks involved?

Making any investment involves risk. Investing in our funds involves the risk of investing in the stock market. We are a boutique fund manager and so we rely heavily on key persons within the business. As such there are a variety of economic risks involved which can be explained in detail by your financial adviser.

Do you guarantee the capital?

No. We make no guarantee as to capital. We will do everything possible to preserve shareholders’ capital but we can not guarantee your capital due to the myriad of external factors that influence the stock market. Even so, a primary aim of the fund is to preserve the invested capital of our shareholders.